SOLD OUT – Tony Law and James Acaster: Edinburgh Previews in Islington on Tuesday July 8

Laugh Out London is proud to present exciting Edinburgh previews from two of our favourite acts. Star of Nevermind the Buzzcocks and Have I Got News for You, Canadian loon™ Tony Law and double Edinburgh Fringe Best Show nominee James Acaster.

Date: Tuesday 8th July 2014
Venue: The Old Queens Head, 144 Essex Rd, London, N1 8LN
Nearest station: Angel (7 minute walk)
Time: Doors 7.30, Start 8.00pm


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Comedy on February 11 in London with Tony Law

Comedy in Islington on February 11 – Tony Law and more

Comedy on February 11 in London with Tony Law

Laugh Out London comedy club brings you a great night in Angel, Islington, featuring Edinburgh Fringe Best Show nominees Tony Law and Max & Ivan.

Venue is The Old Queens Head, 44 Essex Road, Islington, London N1 8LN. MAP

Doors are 7.30pm for an 8pm start.

Tickets are £5 in advance, or £7 on the door.

Advance tickets are now SOLD OUT.

There will be limited tickets on the door.


Multi-award winning Tony, whose latest show has scooped him much critical acclaim and a Best Comedy Show nomination in Edinburgh, brings his own unique brand of delicious nonsense.
Having recently won the Chortle Award for Best Breakthrough Act and with appearances on Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle, Law’s on his way to huge things. Catch him while you still can.
‘Tony Law takes a highly-enjoyable crap on comedy conventions, and manages to be clever in a way that doesn’t make you want to throttle him’ – Adam Buxton
‘Tony Law, the sherpa of stand-up, leads an expedition to undiscovered alpine uplands of laughter’ – Stewart Lee
★★★★★ – The Skinny
★★★★★ – Broadway Baby
★★★★ – Chortle

Another act with a hugely successful Fringe this year, the duo picked up a Best Show nomination for their narrative-focused sketch/character effort The Reunion.

They’ve had previous Fringe success too, picking up the Panel Prize in 2011 for their anarchic creation the Wrestling, whcih involved comedians and wrestling facing each other in the ring. With hilarious consequences. And a broken ankle for Max.

“Max and Ivan are the real deal” ★★★★ - The Guardian

“Ingeniously plotted and zingily executed” ★★★★- The Independent

“a feelgood hour of knockabout fun that packs an sentimental punch” ★★★★ - Chortle

Currently starring in Friday Night Dinner and Plebs, Tom is another emerging talent on the UK comedy scene.

Nominated for Best Breakthrough Act at the British Comedy Awards 2011
Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year 2011

‘Talented upcoming star’ – Time Out

A real treat for true comedy connoisseurs, Ed Aczel has won praise from critics and comedy fans alike for is unique and downbeat brand of stand up. The New Yorker described his 2008 show as “one of the strangest, and finest, hours of live comedy I’d ever seen”. He’s one of the most original and brilliant acts on the circuit.

“Britain’s greatest entertainer” ★★★★★ -Time Out

“Perhaps Britain’s greatest living anti-comedian” – The Guardian

“Aczel turns unprofessionalism into an artform” ★★★★ – The Times


Nominated for Best Newcomer in the Chortle Awards, and the future is looking even more exciting for Hess. His high tempo, high energy stand up is one to be seen.

Chortle student comedy award-winner 2011
‘virtually batters the audience into laughter’ – Chortle
‘doesn’t so much raise the roof, as catapult it’ – Spoonfed

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The Stand Comedy Club Edinburgh Fringe Festival Interview

Edinburgh Fringe interview: The Stand Comedy Club

The Stand Comedy Club Edinburgh Fringe Festival Interview

Every comedy fan worth their salt should know about The Stand Comedy Club. The chain has clubs in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle and has become a mecca for fans of alternative comedy.

Acts playing The Stand at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year include, Stewart Lee, Simon Munnery, Susan CalmanTony Law, Lucy PorterMark Thomas, Bridget Christie, Richard HerringThe Alternative Comedy Memorial Society, Brendon BurnsAlexei Sayle and more.

We were lucky enough to have a chat to Dave McGuire from The Stand about the club’s preparations for August.

_ _ _

Hello Dave, how is the Edinburgh fringe prep going?

Fringe prep going well, I could do with more hours in the day, but having too much to do as a result of having great shows with lots of interest from press and public alike can only be a good thing. Unlike every other comedy venue on the Fringe, The Stand is Edinburgh’s only 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, full time comedy club, so whilst others are planning their trip up to ‘do Edinburgh’ we’ve got shows on in the same room we have our primetime Fringe shows.  In addition to that we’ve got our clubs in Glasgow and Newcastle which have shows on 7 nights a week, all year round.  By the time people read this I’ll be starting in the morning and finishing slightly earlier the next morning.  That being said, this is by far my favourite time of year.

Can you tell us how The Stand got started and how it’s evolved?

The Stand evolved from a group of comedy fans, including founders Tommy Sheppard and Jane Mackay, seeing the need for somewhere in Edinburgh that would put on the sort of comedy shows that they’d like to see. After a couple of year hosting shows in pubs (including our first 2 Fringes) we moved to our current full time home in 1998, and have moved from strength to strength.  From the beginning the company was adamant that it would provide comedians and audiences with the respect that they deserve, and continue to treat comedians we believe as well as any comedy club in the world.

What’s the most difficult aspect of running 4 venues with hundreds of different acts between them?

From my point of view as the press guy, it’s finding time to do everything. In addition to my press and promo duties I also act as the sole PR for quite a few shows.  Because we treat everyone as family The Stand go out of their way to make the Fringe as successful as we can for every single show, not just the big names.  What makes things easier is that our core team work at The Stand year round, so we are a tight unit and don’t really have to re-acquaint ourselves with everything, and a lot of our temporary Fringe staff are returnees, so again that allows us to provide an efficient and personable service to both acts as well as the gig going public.  Fatigue is certainly an issue as the Fringe moves into its latter stages, but we take huge pride in what we do, and it’s probably not PC to say, but even though I’m a bit of a one-man-band I fully believe that The Stand shows are of a quality that we deserve the same media coverage as the much bigger venues that have large teams of staff and corporate cash behind them, the only thing I struggle with is convincing some of the London based press to venture beyond the university.

You are crammed to the rafters with brilliant acts, how do you pick the acts you have on?

We’re extremely lucky that our reputation allows us to book some of the best acts in the business.  Obviously there are bigger venues charging way more for tickets, and they’re fine for the acts keen to make big money, but star names that come to The Stand are the sort of people that appreciate what we do, and view quality over quantity.  There’s no set way of us picking acts, but you’ll see that quite a few comedians come back year after year, or are acts that we have a long term relationship with (they might play the club during the rest of the year).  A lot of acts also approach us, and with them we look to see what works best for them and the programme.  We like to have a range of acts that reflect our approach to comedy rather than simply booking acts that we think will pack the place out, they can play somewhere else.

Stewart Lee, Simon Munnery, Richard Herring and loads of other shave expressed their fondness for The Stand. What is it about the club they like?

The main thing is the atmosphere of the room (especially Stand One, our year round room) and the fact that we attract an intelligent, comedy savvy audience and don’t allow big groups, stags and hens, and aren’t all about cramming the place and flogging lots of booze. For us, the comedy is the key.  These acts appreciate our commitment to quality, to developing comedy, giving them the freedom to try something new and interesting.

People may recognise The Stand from Comedy Central’s “The Alternative Comedy Experience”, Do you feel the show captured the atmosphere of the club?

I’d like to think so, and the positive reaction from comedy fans seems to reflect this. Obviously Stand fans were disappointed not to see the famous Stand Cowboy backdrop (was felt that it was too visually distracting) but it captured the feel of the club, as well as the quality and variety of acts that we host all year round.  The series was very different to any other ‘live’ comedy show on television, and to me was infinitely better. I saw several of the shows this year, and hope that with one series under their belt, this next series will be even better. Hopefully they’re able to get it to an even wider audience.

You recently hosted a fundraiser for the PBH free fringe in your venues. On paper that seems an odd thing to do for a supposed rival company, so how did it come about?

Some might question whether the venues like The Stand and the Free Fringe are in competition, Stand Comedy Club owner Tommy Sheppard, is a supporter of the PBH Free Fringe says “I’ve always been a strong supporter of the free fringe – it’s a refreshing alternative to the pay to play model that many of the big venues have, and despite being limited to small scale production the Free Fringe has now become a forum not just for beginners but for many seasoned acts too”.

Whereas some of the bigger Fringe venues have treated the Free Fringe as a threat, The Stand have opted for a supportive and symbiotic relationship that we hope can foster the intended positive creative energy at the Edinburgh Fringe, and part of that was the fundraiser, which they used the ticket sales to help fund the printing of their Fringe brochure.

Are there any particular acts are looking forward to hosting this year?

Aside from the obvious big name acts I’m excited about Lost Voice Guy, the only stand-up that needs a communication device in order to speak; David Kay is a Scottish legend and was one of the stand-out stars of Alternative Comedy Experience; The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society has piqued my interest; I saw Baconface do a preview and am intrigued to see how that show will develop, and last but not least will be the double header with Brendon Burns and the world’s leading indie wrestler Colt Cabana.

All the shows at The Stand Comedy Club during the Edinburgh Fringe

The Stand’s website
Edinburgh Fringe Previews

More Laugh Out London Edinburgh Festival Fringe previews announced

Edinburgh Fringe Previews

Edinburgh Fringe comedy previews

Laugh Out London’s Edinburgh Fringe preview season continues with more ace acts at knock-down prices! Here is a list of what’s coming up!


Pat Cahill

Pat Cahill

Friday July 5th at the Camden Head in Camden
Pat Cahill and John Kearns

Multi-award winning comedy superstar in the making Pat Cahill previews his debut hour ‘Start’ as superbly odd John Kearns dons a wig and false teeth for his preview of ‘Sight Gags for Perverts’. Not to be missed.

Price: FREE


James Acaster

James Acaster

Saturday July 6th at the Camden Head in Camden
James Acaster and Daniel Simonsen

Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Show Nominee 2012 James Acaster will be previewing his new show ‘Lawnmower’ alongside Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer 2012 Daniel Simonsen. We expect this to get very busy.

Price: £5


Nick Helm Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013

NIck Helm

Tuesday July 9th at the Old Queen’s Head in Angel, Islington
Nick  Helm and Abandoman

‘Live at the Electric’ star and Edinburgh Fringe Best Show nominee 2011 Nick Helm previews his new show ‘One Man Mega Myth’; expect shouting. PLUS! The amazing Abandoman bring their unique style of Hip-Hop / Rap / Comedy.

Price: £5


Thursday July 18th at the Camden Head in Camden
Michael Legge plus support

Michael Legge: Free Wi-Fi

Michael Legge: Free Wi-Fi

As seen on the Alternative Comedy Experience on Comedy Central, the wonderful Michael Legge will be bringing his own unique brand of ranting to Laugh Out London. He’s joined by regular Laugh Out London host Jack De’Ath and Bob Fletcher, and best of all it;’s totally free!


Price: Free!


Sara Pascoe Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013

Sara Pascoe

Thursday July 25th at the Camden Head in Camden
Sara Pascoe and Nish Kumar

As seen on ‘Stand Up for the Week’ and ‘Live At The Apollo’, Sara Pascoe brings us ‘Sara Pascoe vs the Truth’. We also have Nish Kumar, soon to appear on Stewart Lee’s ‘Alternative Comedy Experience’!

Price: £5


Phew! That is all… or is it? *dun dun duuuuun*

Jack De'Ath Party small

Laugh Out London’s 2nd Birthday A Success

Hooray! What a splendid night we had last night.

Jack De'Ath gets in the party mood.

Jack De’Ath gets in the party mood.

John Kearns opened in his own unique way. We love John, he lights up the room like an electric eel lights up its tank. He’s also bloody weird too. Nish Kumar fresh from selling out the Soho theatre last week stepped into Ben Target’s shoes and smashed it out the park, for which we are grateful. Stewart Lee came ad did some already brilliant new material in his first club set in months (he’s back with us in July!), and Tony Law tried his hand at observational comedy but got somewhat side tracked. Compere Jack De’Ath even got a laugh for his joke about Mnemonics. Overall it was bloody lovely.

BUT what does the future hold for Laugh Out London? Well we have launched a 5 year plan to take over the London comedy circuit by force.

2014: Laugh Out London on Ice- Laugh Out London officials (LOLfficials) and The Milton Keynes ice rink are in discussions about holding the first ever comedy gig on ice. We are currently trying to book acts who have experience at ice skating. So far we have booked Joe Pasquale, here he is in action…

2015: Laugh Out London Upside-down- We are literally going to turn comedy on its head. You literally will see comedy from a whole new angle. We are literally going to cover the ceiling of the Camden Head in Velcro and give special Velcro boots to the audience and perform a gig while standing on the ceiling. Enjoy the anti-comedy of Edward Aczel? Imagine that upside down?!

2016: Introduction of Larry the Alpaca- Larry the Alpaca will be the new mascot of Laugh Out London. His job will involve giving out t-shirts the crowd during the interval using a specialised t-shirt firing gun, cheering up lost children and basic admin.

2017: Silent Comedy- Much like a silent disco, audience members are given a pair of earphones with three channels on which they can choose between. Each channel broadcasts a different comedian who is onstage at the time. That way the audience can select which comic they want to listen into while looking at all 3 of them on stage. The comedians we have asked about this all say it’s an awful idea but we don’t care.

2018: Laugh Out London to build a nuclear weapon- We will be building a supply of plutonium over the next five years in order to get build a nuclear missile. This is for defence reasons only, as we have it on very good authority that Weirdos comedy Club already has one.

So as you can see we have big plans for the next five years, so you’re either with us or against us.

Love LOL xx

Tony Law

Tony Law Edinburgh Festival preview – June 25th in Soho

Tony Law

Tony Law

On Tuesday June 25th, Laugh Out London comedy club brings you a night of work-in-progress comedy shows from amazing acts performing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013. It takes place at the lovely Queen’s Head in Soho.

Venue address is 5 Denman St, London, Greater London W1D 7HN

Doors are 7.30pm for an 8pm start.

Tickets Sold Out. Sorry.

Tony Law: Nonsense Overdrive

Tony Law

Tony Law

Multi-award winning Tony, bring his preview of his new show ‘Nonsense Overdrive’!

His last show has scooped him much critical acclaim and Edinburgh Comedy Awards Best Show Nomination. He also won Best Club Comic and Best Show at the Chortle Awards 2013.

He has made appearances on Have I Got News For You, Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle, Law’s on his way to huge things. Catch him while you still can.

‘An ever-changing, hard-to-contain, force of nature’ **** (Guardian).

‘One of the finest and funniest comics … destined for comedy stardom’ **** (Time Out)

‘Tony Law, the sherpa of stand-up, leads an expedition to undiscovered alpine uplands of laughter’ – Stewart Lee

*****- The Skinny, *****- Broadway Baby, *****- Fringe Guru, *****- Edinburgh Is Funny, ****- The Scotsman, **** – Chortle

Bob and Jack Get Dangerous

Jack De'Ath

Jack De’Ath

Jack De’Ath
Regular host of Laugh Out London and an emerging versatile comic of charm, props and pasta. There maybe Caramac involved, there may not. His off-beat humor often uses silly drawing and games, which has lead him to be described as “slightly surreal” by a number of people.

“Engaging gems of originality and comic charm” –

“He’s already very very good” – We Love Comedy

Bob Fletcher

Bob Fletcher

Bob Fletcher
Bob made his stand-up debut in February 2010, supported by several established acts including Robin Ince at the ‘My First Gig‘ event. He’s been performing regularly since.

Tony Law, Stewart Lee, Ben Target, John Kearns

Comedy night in Islington on April 15th – Tony Law and Stewart Lee

Tony Law, Stewart Lee, Ben Target, John Kearns

It’s a comedy night at the Old Queens Head in Islington, London on April 15th with Tony Law, Stewart Lee and more! Exciting, isn’t it?

This is Stewart’s first club set in a few months, with the Canadian mentalmountainman Tony Law to headline.

It’s also Laugh Out London’s second birthday, so expect games (including Pasta Parcel and Musical Flares) and presents and prizes and maybe some jelly and ice cream.

Venue is The Old Queens Head, 44 Essex Road, Islington, London N1 8LN. Nearest tube is Angel.

Doors are 7.30pm for an 8pm start.

This show is now sold out.

TICKET HOLDERS: Please arrive before 8pm as we cannot guarantee entry after this time.

We will try our best to provide seating for all ticket holders but please arrive early to ensure a seat.




“He makes us laugh” – Laugh Out London


“It’s Stewart Lee” – Laugh Out London


“The future of gardening” – Laugh Out London


“Who?” – Laugh Out London


Comedy night in Angel on September 11 – Tony Law

Laugh Out London is back after Edinburgh at an exciting new venue: The Old Queen’s Head in Angel – 44 Essex Road, London, N1 8LN – on Tuesday September 11th. Here is a map!

And what an exciting first line-up we have, including Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee and Chortle Award winner TONY LAW, along with Edinburgh Best Newcomer Nominee CARIAD LLOYD, Stand Up For The Week’s SARA PASCOE and a mystery TV guest (who is great!).

And all for just £5 if you book in advance or £7 on the door. Buy your advance tickets.

Doors are 7.30pm for an 8pm start.

Tony Law Comedy night london september 11

Tony Law

Multi-award winning Tony, whose latest show has scooped him much critical acclaim and a Best Comedy Show nomination in Edinburgh, brings his own unique brand of delicious nonsense.

Having recently won the Chortle Award for Best Breakthrough Act and with appearances on Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle, Law’s on his way to huge things. Catch him while you still can.

‘Tony Law takes a highly-enjoyable crap on comedy conventions, and manages to be clever in a way that doesn’t make you want to throttle him’ – Adam Buxton

‘Tony Law, the sherpa of stand-up, leads an expedition to undiscovered alpine uplands of laughter’ – Stewart Lee

***** – The Skinny
***** – Broadway Baby
**** – Chortle

Sara Pascoe

A regular on Channel 4’s Stand Up for the Week Sara is one of the most promising young comics around. Her credits also include Twenty Twelve, The Thick Of It and Campus, as well as a celebrated run at this years’ Edinburgh Festival.

“Pascoe is that rare beast – a comic with more to say than her time will allow, and a real zest for saying it” – **** The Guardian

**** – The Telegraph

Cariad Lloyd

Nominated for Best Newcomer at last year’s Edinburgh Comedy Awards, Cariad is a character comic who manages to be daft, silly, clever and brilliantly funny all at once. She also starred in the hit of the Edinburgh Festival 2012, Austentious, an improvised Jane Austen novel.

“Original, brilliantly drawn and hilarious” ***** -Three Weeks.
“The performance is priceless” **** -The Guardian


Special Mystery TV Comic Guest- as a surprise for you we have a
mystery guest, who has combined an award winning stand-up career with regular spots on television panel shows and comedy programmes.

MC – Jack De’Ath

 Buy your advance tickets