Podcast episode 33: Grainne Maguire and Lou Sanders

grainne maguire lou sanders edinburgh festival fringe 2012

So Jack has finally made it to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and just in time to help interview charming Irish stand-up Grainne Maguire. We discuss the ominous presence of a beautiful, bright sun in August, and the impending doom that must surely follow. Also, Grainne’s excellent show Where Are All the Fun Places and Are Lots of […]

Podcast episode 32: Holly Burn and Mark Stephenson

holly burn mark stephenson edinburgh festival

More interviews with comedians at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012, as I talk to the queen of the surreal Holly Burn about her magnificent show The H Club – Edinburgh’s least exclusive private members club. We also mention the Olympics and a Twin Peaks party. Which sounds fun. Mainly it’s about the comedy though. Holly […]

Podcast episode 31: Gareth Morinan and Leads & Stern

leads and stern gareth morinan

More from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012 as Tom talks to Gareth Morinan about what a Truth Doodler is, as well as how he’s coping with doing six shows at one festival. Well it turns out, although he does get angry about certain things. But that’s the point really. Gareth Morinan: Truth Doodler Underbelly Bristo […]

Podcast episode 30: Checkley & Bush and Phil O’Shea

bush o shea

It’s our second podcast from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012, and we bring you female sketch duo/songsters/character sorts/funny joke tellers/banter havers Checkley and Bush, who discuss the joys of handing our fliers to an unwilling public and what it means to be women and funny and working in sketch comedy. Checkley and Bush’s Comedy Riot […]

Podcast episode 29: Sad Faces and Thomas Hardie

sad faces thomas hardie

In our first podcast from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012, we speak to Caroline Hardie, one half of sketch group Thomas Hardie, as she discusses doing a Thomas Hardie show on her own (her comedy partner isn’t in Edinburgh this year due to having a lovely child). She’s managing magnificently though, and it’s a fantastic […]


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