Edinburgh Festival Fringe comedy previews in London for 2014

Laugh Out London comedy club is very excited to announce the line-up for its season of Edinburgh Festival Fringe previews in London.

Acts, including, last year’s Fosters Comedy Award Best Show winner Bridget Christie and Best Newcomer John Kearns will perform full work-in-progress shows at various venues in north London to prepare for the biggest arts festival in the world.

Most shows will be double-bills and will be priced up to £5. Laugh Out London also plans to put on a very exciting day of Edinburgh Fringe previews at The Lion in Stoke Newington on July 20. Continue reading

Storm damage - topical

Comedy news round-up (Oct 28 2013)

Storm damage - topical

Storm damage – topical

Comedy industry news as hounded out by Andy Barr

Blustery conditions this week have blown an unprecedented amount of storm-based material onto the circuit. Audience members at gigs from Monday until Friday are warned to take care amongst a deluge of weak storm based puns with experts predicting that up to 80 per cent of material at comedy clubs over the week could relate to the storm.

Further to his appearance on Newsnight last week, comedian, actor and editor Russell Brand has announced his intention to start his own socialist utopia on an uninhabited Island in the Pacific. Brand stated that ‘Brandolulu’ would be populated entirely by ‘beautiful women’ and ‘no bankers’. Sources close to the project revealed that voting is to be illegal and currency replaced with sperm.

GIG OF THE WEEK – ‘A Tight Five’, Holborn. Literal Entertainment bring you 18 open mic comics performing tight fives… LITERALLY. Hapless open spot comedians desperate for time at the microphone are forced to perform in the ventilation ducts above the room, in crawl spaces around the venue or in the u-bend of a broken toilet. Of the acts promoter Keith Phosphorus said: ‘They’ll do literally anything for stage-time”, whilst subtly gesturing towards his genitals and winking.

AND FINALLY, open spots Tom Gallium and John Molybdenum found love in a hopeless place this week after finding themselves performing near identical routines about a Rihanna song in the same room. Tom remarked ‘we thought that if we both had similar gripes about the chart-bothering Barbadian siren then maybe we’d be the same in other ways and it turns out we are – we like the same music, the same films…’. Reports suggest that the pair are quitting the capital and buying a cottage in the country.

Robin Thicke having a long, hard think about what he's done

Comedy news round-up (Oct 21 2013)

Robin Thicke having a long, hard think about what he's done

Robin Thicke having a long, hard think about what he’s done

The latest comedy news, as compiled by Andy Barr

Channel 4 has announced a new hidden camera show to launch their new flagship Hidden Camera Twenty4 channel. The Hidden Camera Hidden Camera Camera show will feature hidden cameras trained on the hidden cameras used for their raft of pre-existing hidden camera shows. Highlights include scanning for a lens in a bush and a ten minute shot of a tramp on a bench whose can of Tennent’s Super conceals a surprise (a camera). A spokeperson for Channel 4 stated that the new show and the channel were ‘the logical conclusion’.

Young firebrand open spot Ian Arsenic this week revealed his intention to “take LSD or mushrooms or something” and then perform a five spot at a London comedy club. Of the plan Arsenic said it would “be like something Hicks would do”. It is understood Ian intends to carry out his plan at ‘Red Lion’s Mouth-Laughs’, a club averaging two genuine audience members a week. Experts predicted Arsenic’s comedown would be ‘devastating’.

GIG OF THE WEEK – Men of Comedy, Covent Garden. Entitled Men’s rights activists Funny Men bring their inaugural comedy night to the capital. The bill will showcase the best of misanthropic male comedy, tragically under-represented in comedy clubs around the country. Audience members can expect acrimonious break up routines and the phrase ‘cry-wank’.

AND FINALLY, after his successful appearance on the X-Factor, morally dubious pop superman Robin Thicke is set to take the comedy world by storm with his first sitcom. The eight-part series, ‘Thicke as Two Short Planks’, will feature state of the art digital technology to cast Thicke as two lumps of wood and has been commissioned without Thicke’s knowledge.

Mrs Brown's Boys - the movie

Comedy news round-up (Oct 14 2013)

Mrs Brown's Boys - the movie

Mrs Brown’s Boys – the movie

All the latest news from the world of comedy.

Unnamed writers of a new British sitcom expressed concern today after turning in their script and realising they had forgotten to write in a role for Kevin Eldon. The pair, whose sitcom is about vicars or a pet shop, or something, appeared to imply that Eldon’s ubiquity in British comedy was the work of a shadowy cabal devoted entirely to the proliferation of Kevin and that their failure to bow to their demands would result in being blacklisted.

Universal Studios announced this week that the forthcoming film version of Mrs Brown’s Boys would be helmed by Danish director Thomas Vinterberg. When asked about the direction the film would take, Vinterberg indicated that he would be returning to the Dogme 95 style of filmmaking, and that the film would be devoid of laugh tracks, non-diegetic sound and studio trickery. Sources close to the production suggested that early drafts of the script had the film following a similar line to Vinterberg’s ‘Festen’, and finding Brendan O’Carroll’s titular matriarch facing up to some painful accusations from her ‘boys’.

GIG OF THE WEEK: ‘White People Drive Like This…’, Leytonstone. A knockabout evening of race-related laughs entirely conveyed through the ‘White People [VERB] like this [MIME], [INSERT RACE] [VERB] like this [MIME]’ format. Attendees can expect to leave the night confused as to whether what they have just witnessed was racist or not.

And finally circuit comic, Doug Carbon, was forced to retire from performing this week after beginning dating a lovely girl with whom he envisages himself being very happy. Doug noted that his entire back catalogue of material was now “redundant”. Of failed attempts to build a new set of relevant material, Doug reported: “I considered pissing myself during our first meal out just to generate some material but then the main course arrived, which was delicious, and then conversation was just so engaging and she has beautiful eyes….”

New Comedy Blaps from Daniel Simonsen & Pat Cahill

New Comedy Blaps from Daniel Simonsen and Pat Cahill

New Comedy Blaps from Daniel Simonsen & Pat Cahill

Daniel Simonsen and Pat Cahill

Two of Laugh Out London’s favourites comedy acts appear in the latest set of Channel 4’s Comedy Blaps.

Edinburgh Best newcomer 2012 Daniel Simonsen wrote and stars in ‘Small Talk’, featuring the likes of Brett Goldstein from Channel 4′s ‘Derek’, stand-up Sarah Campbell and Natasia Demetriou of sketch group Oyster Eyes.



Pat Cahill’s Blap is a father-and-son affair  which features an ingenious bit of casting with Matt King (Super Hans from ‘Peep Show’) as Cahill’s dad. Cahill has form in online videos for broadcasters, making two songs for the BBC Feed My Funny project.


Comedy Blaps was launched by Channel 4 back in 2012 as a way to showcase up and coming talent online.  Previous ‘Blappers’ include Doctor Brown, Claudia O’Doherty and Nick Helm.

A set of blaps are also on the way from The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society (John-Luke Roberts & Thom Tuck).