Hidden talent: Paul Duncan McGarrity on archaeology


For three years now I have been shlepping about the country visiting a salubrious selection of basements and attics in order to perform comedy. I love it, every aspect of the lifestyle appeals to me. I enjoy travelling in cars full of acts, the fear before the gig, the elation when a joke hits. Even […]

Hidden talents: Adam Larter on keeping tropical fish

Adam Larter comedy

All rock and roll stars like drugs. All football players like women. All Harry Potter fans like Harry Potter and all stand-up comedians like to keep and breed tropical freshwater fish. This correlation between tropical freshwater fish and stand-up comedy has been around since the 1980s, when the modern form of stand-up comedy became popular. […]

Hidden talents: Stuart Laws on being a goalkeeper

Stuart Laws

In the first of a new series of blog posts looking at the hidden talents of comedians, Stuart Laws discusses his adeptness with balls as a goalkeeper for his local football team. If you’re a comedian with a hidden talent, get in touch on laughoutlondon@hotmail.co.uk to get involved. Stand-up comedy is the least forgiving way of […]


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