Top 10 comedy podcasts

Apart from our regular comedy nights in London and our Edinburgh previews, we at Laugh Out London also do a semi-non-sometimes regular podcast, where we talk to funny people in London.

We’re not the only ones who have access to an iphone and Audacity though. In fact, some people have proper microphones and editing software that isn’t free and doesn’t crash every 10 minutes.

These people are better than us. And probably have better podcasts than us too. Here are some of them. Ten to be specific. For both SEO and cultural norm purposes.

Also, I’m not going to mention WTF, Adam and Joe, Answer Me This, Comedy Bang Bang etc as you should know and love them already. Okay?

Pod F Tompkast

Pod F Tompkast

Pod F Tompkast
Stand-up, writer and actor Paul F Tompkins helped script the seminal Mr Show with David Cross and Bob Odenkirk, and has appeared in everything from Curb Your Enthusiasm to the Sarah Silverman Programme, via There Will Be Blood, Anchorman and Tangled. But it’s his podcasting where he’s shined the most, letting his manic character creations devise their own world of confused chaos. With hilarious consequences.

Discover the Great Undiscovered Project – an epic tale shaped by Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, John Lithgow, Gary Marshall and, of course, Ice T, all voiced by Tompkins in effusive joy and detail. You’ll also hear excerpts from Tompkins’ live shows in LA, as well as regular phone chats with his old friend and fellow comedian Jen Kirkman, who usually has tales about fancying Jewish boys as a child. His greatest work yet.

Dead Authors Podcast

Dead Authors Podcast

Dead Authors Podcast
More from Paul F Tompkins, for he is the king of podcasts (see Comedy Bang Bang too). And more characters. On this occasion, it’s a time travelling HG Wells that inhabits Tompkins, as he brings long dead authors to the present to discuss their lives. With hilarious consequences.

Fellow comics, such as Scott Aukerman, trade improv artistry with Tompkins as their version of Charles Dickens, Carl Sagan or PG Wodehouse, in what usually turns out to be a sublime example of how to take the ridiculous very seriously.

Professor Blastoff

Professor Blastoff

Professor Blastoff
Tig Notaro may be one of my favourite comics at the moment (see her pushing a stool on Conan), and it’s awfully nice of her to go and do a free podcast too, the main theme of which seems to be “let’s talk about something interesting.” With hilarious consequences.

Joined by her friends and fellow comedians David Huntsberger and Kyle Dunnigan (as well as Aaron, who is a mormon) it’s a simple idea that works. The unashamedly ill-informed trio usually share the mic with someone with a bit more experience in the episode’s chosen subject (Love, Fear, Evolution, DNA, Bees etc), asking thoughtful questions and sparking asides of such absurdity they can drive a man to tears (This may be the only podcast to make me cry laughing – Ed).

Professor Blast Off is also part of the amazing Earwolf podcast network, featuring other such delightful works as podcast noir Mike Detective, the meaningful ponderings of Affirmation Nation with Bob Ducca and How Did This Get Made.

The Complete Guide To Everything

The Complete Guide To Everything

The Complete Guide To Everything
Tim and Tom live in Brooklyn. They are both men in their late 20s/early 30s. They both have good jobs and live in a nice apartment I imagine. And they both drink coffee, watch television and read blogs and newspapers. With hilarious consequences.

They also both have a desire to oust Wikipedia as the essential guide to all subjects in the world, including ghosts, North Korea, bathroom etiquette and 90s sit-coms. They mainly get onto coffee and early episodes of the Real World though. And teenagers. All with a lovable cynicism (mainly from Tim).

Their success has brought them to England to sell out live shows in Manchester in London, so we’re not alone. Charming, funny and informative, if you want to know more about 90s us reality TV shows.

Lost Treasures of the Black Heart podcastg

Lost Treasures of the Black Heart podcast

Lost Treasures of the Black Heart
It’s Josie Long’s great live show from the Black Heart in Camden, but all recorded and that, and ready for your ears. With hilarious consequences.

Hear Josie have gradual breakdowns over each two hour episode, mixed with slots from such comedians as Robin Ince, Phil O’Shea, Edward Aczel and regular Nathaniel Metcalfe, who all at least make an attempt to follow the theme and discuss an under-valued, under-appreciated hero, but usually just do their own, tested material. It’s still good though.

Doug Loves Movies

Doug Loves Movies

Doug Loves Movies
He’s called Doug. He loves moves. It’s Doug Loves Movies. He does. Doug Benson. Loves those movies. Or films. And pot. But mainly movies. With hilarious consequences.

The US comic, and star of Super High Me among other marijuana-related work, discusses the latest filmic happening with such guests as Sarah Silverman, Edgar Wright and Patton Oswalt, before playing games like Build A Title (where you build a title of a movie from other movie titles) and the Leonard Maltin game (which is much more complicated). A hot mess of an hour.

Pappy's Flatshare Slamdown

Pappy's Flatshare Slamdown

Pappy’ Flat Share Slam Down
Sketch favourites Pappy’s take on the world of panel show quizzes and celebrity guests in this inspired farce of games, jokes and jingles. With hilarious consequences.

Matt Crosby tries to hold it all together, as Tom and Ben take part in a battle of wits and biscuit eating to determine who should do that week’s mundane flatmate task.

Do The Right Thing podcst

Do The Right Thing podcast

Do The Right Thing
More panel show fun, this time hosted by Danielle Ward, with team captains, angry vegan Michael Legge, and the thoroughly more pleasant sounding Margaret Cabourn-Smith.

Backed by guests such as Bridget Christie and Al Murray, the panel have to decide just what is the right thing to do in contentious situations. The answer usually involves Michael Legge swearing and shouting at someone or something. This is a good thing because he’s good at it.

With hilarious consequences.

The Bugle podcast

The Bugle podcast

The Bugle
Formerly owned by Rupert Murdoch, this audio newspaper for a visual world is now cut loose from the News International tentacles, and is still manned by star of The Smurfs and The Love Guru, John Oliver, and fully qualified satirist Andy Zaltzman.

They talk about what’s happening in the world, and why it’s ridiculous. Because it’s always ridiculous. And Oliver and Zaltzman always describe how in lovingly crafted, sharply astute and pun-filled detailed. With hilarious consequences.

Mental Illness Happy Hour

Mental Illness Happy Hour

The Mental Illness Happy Hour
Comedian Paul Gilmartin talks to artists, writers and interesting people about their mental health issues. With hilarious consequences.

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