UK Uncut comedy gig – Soho Square

It's only Tom and Sh!t Theatre!

It’s only Tom and Sh!t Theatre!

Download: UK Uncut comedy gig – Soho Square | 28 mins  16MB

So, did everyone enjoy marching/occupying for the alternative on March 26th then?

Well, we did. For we got to witness Stand Up For The Alternative – a brilliant comedy gig put on by UK Uncut as part of the group’s attempts to occupy as many tax dodging banks and stores on Oxford street as possible.

We didn’t quite make it to the bank sadly as they had pre-emptively closed in full awareness of what would happen, but that didn’t stand in the way of the brilliant Chris Coltrane, Josie Long, Mark Thomas and the other performers as they put on a fantastic show in the middle of Soho Square.

Also standing up for the alternative were Tiernan Douieb (he’s small and bearded); Jonnie Marbles (he sometimes has a beard); Johann Hari (he loves beards); Lisa Egan (no beard as far as I know) and the wonderful songs of Sh!t Theatre (beard potential).

We managed to record most of the acts give adding their topical wit to the occasion, and caught up with both Tiernan and Chris to find out why they got involved.

And apologies to Mark Thomas fans! We did record his set, but, like a greedy banker, our file got corrupted and all his laughter was lost…


And sorry to Lisa Egan too, mainly because we get her name wrong in her introduction.

Anyway, it was an amazing day which you can find out more about in this report from Democracy Now – it has the amazing Allison Kilkenny from the internet’s second best podcast Citizen Radio on it.

And that buzzing you hear in our recording – that’s dedicated fans in helicopters in the sky desperately trying to get close to Laugh Out London. Definitely not police.

See some photos from the day on the Laugh Out London Flickr account too.

Download: UK Uncut comedy gig – Soho Square | 28 mins  16MB

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  1. And sorry to Lisa Elgan too, mainly because we get her name wrong in her introduction.

    Ha! Best apology for getting a name wrong ever, in which you get my name wrong! (It’s Egan.) Hehehe.


  1. [...] I’m absolutely thrilled that I opened some people’s eyes to what’s going on for disabled people in the UK. There’s a couple of extracts from my set in the Laugh Out London podcast. [...]

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